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Strontium carbonate: CAS Number 1633-05-2, Linear Formula SrCO3, Molecular Weight 147.63, EC Number 216-643-7
Strontium carbonate (SrCO3) is the carbonate salt of strontium that has the appearance of a white or grey powder. It occurs in nature as the mineral strontianite. Strontium carbonate is a white, odorless, tasteless powder. Being a carbonate, it is a weak base and therefore is reactive with acids. It is otherwise stable and safe to work with. It is practically insoluble in water. Strontium Carbonate is the most widely used Strontium compound. Thanks to its versatility and non-hazardous nature, it is used in a diverse range of applications in Electronics, Metallurgy, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Glass.
Specifications of Strontium carbonate:
Appearance: White Powder
Titration with NaOH: 39.8 – 41.5 % % CO3
Assay: >99%

Strontium sulfate: CAS Number 7759-02-6, Linear Formula SrSO4, Molecular Weight 183.68, EC Number 231-850-2
Strontium sulfate (SrSO4) is the sulfate salt of strontium. It is a white crystalline powder and occurs in nature as the mineral celestine. It is poorly soluble in water. Strontium Sulfate is used in painting industry as the versatile pigment extender (filler) to enhance powder coatings and liquid paints performance.
Specifications of Strontium sulfate:
Appearance: White Powder
Loss on Ignition: Not more than 1.5 % 2 Hr, 1000C

Strontium nitrate: CAS Number 10042-76-9, Linear Formula Sr(NO3)2, Molecular Weight 211.63, EC Number 233-131-9
Strontium nitrate is an inorganic compound made of the elements strontium and nitrogen with the formula Sr(NO3)2. This colourless solid is used as a colorant (red) in pyrotechnics and is also used as an oxidizer in pyrotechnics. Strontium Nitrate, when used in pyrotechnics, provides the red color to the flame. Strontium Nitrate is also used in glass for liquid crystal displays and in the automotive industry.
Specifications of Strontium nitrate:
Appearance: White Crystals or Crystals with Chunks
Complexometric EDTA % Sr:: 40.8 – 42.0 %
Assay: >99%

Strontium fluoride: CAS Number 7783-48-4, Linear Formula SrF2, Molecular Weight 125.62, EC Number 232-000-3
Strontium fluoride, SrF2, also called strontium difluoride and strontium(II) fluoride, is a fluoride of strontium. It is a stable brittle white crystalline solid with melting point of 1477C and boiling point 2460C.
Specifications of Strontium fluoride:
Appearance: White Powder or Crystals
Assay: >99%

Strontium acetate: CAS Number 543-94-2, Linear Formula (CH3CO2)2Sr, Molecular Weight 205.71, EC Number 208-854-8
Strontium Acetate appears dull white in crystalline powder form and exhibits good solubility in water with sparing solubility in ethyl alcohol and acetone solution. Strontium acetate is used in some toothpastes to desensitize teeth to extremes of hot and cold. It is also used in petrochemical cracking.
Specifications of Strontium acetate hemihydrate:
Barium as Ba: 0.5% Max
Free Moisture: 1% Max
Free Iron (Fe): 0.01% Max
Free Carbonates: 0.05% Max
Free Sulfides as S: 0.001% Max
Free Chlorides as Cl: 0.05% Max
Water Insoluble Mater: 0.10% Max
Assay of Strontium Acetate: 98.50% Min