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May 10, 2019
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Snow Melting Sodium Acetate

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De-icing is defined as removal of existing, snow ice, frost, etc., from a surface. It includes both mechanical (plowing or scraping) or chemical (application of salt or other ice melting chemicals) methods.

Anti-icing is defined as the pretreatment of a roadway, sidewalk or parking lot with ice melting chemicals before a storm, to prevent or delay the formation of ice, or the adhesion of ice and snow. Brine or wetted salt is usually applied shortly before a snowstorm arrives. Properly performed, anti-icing can significantly reduce the amount of salt required, and allows easier removal by mechanical methods (snowplows).

For a general write-up on Deicer or Snow melting (thawing) or Anti ice please scroll down.

Non Chloride Corrosion Inhibiting Airport & Concrete Deicer Snow Melting or Thawing & Anti Icing Agent, XtraTM Deicer Sodium Acetate.

Product Details:

CAS No. 127-09-3
Einecs EC Number 204-823-8
Molecular Weight 82
Appearance Free-flowing White granule (1.5mm to 4.5mm)
Mesh Size >90% passes through 4 US mesh(4 BSS) and <10% passes through 14 US Mesh (12 BSS) i.e. 1.5mm to 4.5mm
Bulk density untapped around 0.5 to 0.55gm/cc 31 to 34 lbs/cu.ft
Purity 97%
Moisture <3%
pH of 15% Solution in water 7 – 10.5
Chlorides Cl <250 ppm
Heavy metals as Lead Pb <10ppm
Flash Point >250C
Added corrosion inhibitor Offered with and without added inhibitor
Packaging Details: 25kg/bag (55 lbs),50kg/bag (110 lbs), or in Jumbo bags or according to the customers’ requirement

Product Description

Xtra TM Deicer Sodium Acetate Deicer or Anti-ice or Snow melting Snow thawing agent is made of organic salts for melting the ice and snow in airstrip, parking apron and taxiway…

Snow Thawing Agent for Airport is researched and approved environment-friendly snow-melting agent for melting the ice and snow in airstrip, parking apron and taxiway in very short time. It is in accordance with standard of AMS1431D.

Xxtra TM Sodium acetate Snow-Melting, is researched and developed as one new kind of environment-friendly snow-melting agent for melting the ice and snow in airstrip, parking apron and taxiway in very short time. Sodium acetate and calcium magnesium acetate are dry, non-corrosive and biodegradable snow removal chemicals. The chemicals change snow from a firm powder into a slush. It can save energy and time. This dry formulation is used on bridges, parking decks and airport runways. It does not attack rebar in reinforced concrete and is biodegradable, creating no problems in runoff water. Acetates are commonly used in structural concrete, parking garages, and airports where chlorides are banned due to the corrosion potential to aircraft systems.

Studies of corrosion testing by the USA Federal Highway Administration, State departments of transportation and University studies confirm that sodium acetate is the best deicer for airports, parking areas etc.

1, Weight per cubic meter: 800 kg/cu.m. approximate.
2, Aquatic Toxicity: It is in accordance with the EPA (40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 797.1300 and 797.1400) or OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Guidelines for Testing of Chemicals, Method 202 and 203) .
3, Pollution: It is in accordance with the regulations of (Standard Method for Examination of Water and Wastewater) from USA.

Ramp and runway deicers should be certified to airport approved specifications. SAE-AMS1431, “COMPOUND, SOLID DEICING/ANTI-ICING RUNAWAYS AND TAXIWAYS”, was adopted on 23-JAN-95 for use by the Department of Defense (DoD). It Specifies BOD, TOD, biodegradation, Aquatic Toxicity Trace Contaminants Appearance, pH, Flash Point, Chloride Content, Storage Stability, Effect on Aircraft Metals, Runway Concrete Scaling Resistance etc. Sodium Acetate fits these specifications.

Sodium Acetate is environmentally friendly. It does not harm plant and aquatic life. It has BOD of 0.45gm Oxygen/gm and COD of 0.74gm Oxygen/gm. It has a very negligible effect on aquatic life as indicated by Daphnia magna, static system 48-hour LC50 = 3500 mg/l. It is tolerated by mammals as indicated by LD50 (oral-rat) 3530 mg/kg; LD50 (SCU-mouse) 8000 mg/kg; LD50 (IV-mouse) 335 mg/kg; LC50 Inhalation – rat – 1 h – > 30,000 mg/m3; LD50 Dermal – rabbit – > 10,000 mg/kg.


Xtra Sodium Acetate may be used both as an anti iceing and as deicer. Xtra Sodium Acetate is required to be spread at the rate of around 25gm/sq.m or 0.5lb/100 sq .ft for ice at freezing point 0C or 32F. It is advisable to apply it as an anti iceing or deicer just before the storm. This will prevent the ice bonds from.

You will need to apply again when new accumulation shows first tendency to bond and plow once bond is broken. It will save a lot of labor if we apply Deicer and plowgh away before the ice bond is formed.

Storage & Handling

Sodium Acetate must be stored in leak proof bags. Check for the condition of the bags on receipt and do provide a double cover to a torn bag. Avoid exposure to moisture and heat.

Sodium acetate anhydrous has a tendency to loosely stick to one another during storage. If the material in the bags is lumpy, then lift the bag and drop it a couple of times to loosen it. Sodium Acetate is not an environmental issue and it can be used for deicing anti-icing, even if it is exposed to moisture and caked.