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Silver Nitrate

Muby Chemicals established in the year 1976, is pioneer in Manufacturing Chemicals for Oil and Gas Exploration, Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) and coiled tube Chemicals.Our advanced chemistry leading to an innovative and high-performance product range is coupled with effective on and off site management services.

We are manufacturer of Specialty chemicals, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Fragrance & Flavorchemicals in India, which are of IP, BP, USP, Ph. Eur., FCC or Food Grade, ACS, AR or Analytical Reagent Grade, LR or Laboratory Reagent Grade, Pure and Technical Grades of various chemicals.


Silver nitrate is a poisonous colorless crystalline inorganic compound with chemical formula AgNO3 that becomes grayish black when exposed to light in the presence of organic matter and is used in manufacturing photographic film, silvering mirrors, dyeing hair, plating silver, and in medicine as a cautery and antiseptic. Silver nitrate is the least expensive salt of silver; it offers several other advantages as well. Silver nitrate is used in many ways in organic synthesis, e.g. for deprotection and oxidations. Ag+ binds alkenes reversibly, and silver nitrate has been used to separate mixtures of alkenes by selective absorption. In histology, silver nitrate is used for silver staining, for demonstrating reticular fibers, proteins and nucleic acids. It is also used as a stain in scanning electron microscopy. Silver salts have antiseptic properties. Dentists sometimes use silver nitrate infused swabs to heal oral ulcers. Silver nitrate is also used by some podiatrists to kill cells located in the nail bed. Silver nitrate is also used to cauterize superficial blood vessels in the nose to help prevent nose bleeds. There are several uses of Silver nitrate and are listed below.

Silver nitrate:
: Nitric acid silver (I) salt
CAS Number: 7761-88-8
Molecular Formula: AgNO3
Molecular Weight: 169.87
EC Number: 231-853-9
Shelf Life: Indefinite.
It is not light sensitive (even in direct sunlight) when kept inside a sealed container.
It can be handled in room lighting without risk of light sensitivity.
Always use Distilled Water when dissolving Silver Nitrate.
Silver Nitrate powder is generally toxic. The taste is extremely bitter!
Always store Silver Nitrate in Glass Containers!
Silver Nitrate can be stored safely in Polyacrylate (eg: “2 liter Soda bottle” plastic).

We offer Silver nitrate crystals. Due to the versatile nature, it is used in various industries. They can be used for Plating, and as a constituent, in pharmaceutical industries.

Specifications of Silver Nitrate Crystals AR ACS Analytical Reagent Grade:

Appearance: White crystalline solid
Assay: 99.0% (min) Typically 99.8-99.9%
Chloride: 0.0005% (max)
Sulphate: 0.002(max)
Copper: 0.0002%
Iron: 0.0002 %
Lead: 0.001%
Clarity of Solution: to pass the test
Density: 4.35 g/cm3
Melting point: 212 °C, 485 K, 414 °F
Boiling point: 444 °C, 717 K, 831 °F (decompose)

Silver Nitrate Solution Making:

Use this Table to make Silver Nitrate Solution

Normal (Molar) Solution Desired High Purity Silver Nitrate +Distilled Water to Make 1
0.020 N 3.Liter397 grams
0.025 N 4.246 grams
0.050 N 8.493 grams
0.1 N 16.987 grams
0.2 N 33.974 grams
0.25 N 42.467 grams
0.5 N 84.935 grams
1.0 N 169.870 grams
2.0 N 339.740 grams

Use De-Ionized -or- Distilled Water only. (Never use tap water).
Store your solution capped. Don’t let it evaporate – that will concentrate it!
Store your standard solutions in Glass Containers. (Not in soft plastic)
Silver Nitrate solutions can be stored in type PETE 1 (polyethylene terephthalate ester) Plastic.

Silver Nitrate Uses:

In the Laboratory

Test for the presence of Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine ions. Color of precipitate; White=Chloride, Pale Yellow=Bromide, Yellow=Iodide.
Silver Nitrate is used in Oil Fields to determine the amount of Chloride ions in water and drilling fluids.

In Manufacturing
Silver Plating – electroplating Silver onto a base metal such as Nickel.
Hair Dye.

In Biology
A stain for proteins and nucleic acids.
A stain in scanning electron microscopy.
Detecting Calcium in tissue samples.
To kill “Silvery Thread Moss” on golf greens.

In Medical History
A Cauterizing Agent.
Dentists sometimes use it infused in swabs to help heal mouth ulcers.
Doctors sometimes used it to remove warts.
Silver Nitrate tends to be very toxic to bacteria and other lower life forms.

In Photography
Very high purity Silver Nitrate is the starting material for all chemical based photography.

In Ceramics
Silver Nitrate is used when firing pottery in a kiln to make beautiful colors.

It is used in Inks, like indelible, permanent fabric marker pens Explosives. It prevents premature shrinking or dropping of buds and blooms, in cut flowers. (2.83% solution). It inhibits cut flowers from making ethylene, which causes them to ripen.

Our Silver Nitrate is new and freshly prepared. The powder has been crystallized and sifted. Store Silver Nitrate in its original dark brown glass bottle. Keep bottle in cabinet and away from sunlight. Pure Silver Nitrate is not light sensitive, however.