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Caraway Oil

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We are manufacturer of Specialty chemicals, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Fragrance & Flavorchemicals in India, which are of IP, BP, USP, Ph. Eur., FCC or Food Grade, ACS, AR or Analytical Reagent Grade, LR or Laboratory Reagent Grade, Pure and Technical Grades of various chemicals.


Caraway Oil USP NF Grade

Caraway Oil is the volatile oil distilled from the dried, ripe fruit of Carum carvi L. (Fam. Apiaceae). It contains not more than 50.0 percent (v/v) of d-carvone (C10H14O).

Solubility in 80 percent alcohol: One volume dissolves in 8 volumes of 80 percent alcohol.
Specific gravity: between 0.900 and 0.910.
Angular rotation: between +70 and +80 degrees.
Refractive: between 1.484 and 1.488 at 20C.
Heavy metals: 0.004%.
Assay: Transfer 10 mL of Oil, accurately measured, to a cassia flask, and add 50 mL of a saturated solution of sodium sulfite that has been made neutral to 2 drops of phenolphthalein by means of a saturated sodium bisulfite solution. Heat the flask in boiling water, and shake it repeatedly, neutralizing the mixture from time to time by adding a few drops of the saturated sodium bisulfite solution. When no coloration appears upon the addition of a few more drops of phenolphthalein and heating for 15 minutes, cool the mixture to room temperature, and when the liquids have separated more completely, add a sufficient volume of the saturated sodium bisulfite solution to raise the lower level of the oily layer to the graduated portion of the neck of the flask. The volume of the residual oily liquid does not exceed 5 mL, indicating the presence of not less than 50.0% (v/v) of d-carvone (C10H14O) in the portion of Oil taken.

Caraway Oil FCC Food Grade
CAS: [8000-42-8]

Caraway Oil occurs as a colorless to pale yellow liquid with the characteristic odor and taste of caraway. It is a volatile oil distilled from the dried, ripe fruit of Carum carvi L. (Fam. Umbelliferae).
Function: Flavoring agent.

Identification: The infrared absorption spectrum of the sample exhibits relative maxima at the same wavelengths as those of a typical spectrum as shown in the section on Infrared Spectra, using the same test conditions as specified therein.
Assay: Not less than 50.0%, by volume, of ketones as carvone.
Angular Rotation: Between +70° and +80°.
Refractive Index: Between 1.484 and 1.488 at 20°.
Solubility in Alcohol: Passes test.
Specific Gravity: Between 0.900 and 0.910.