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Calcium Fumarate

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Calcium fumarate is a compound with formula Ca(C2H2(COO)2) or (OOC-CH=CH-COO)Ca. It is a calcium salt of fumaric acid. It has E number “E367”.

Calcium Fumarate can be used as a dietary supplement and as a nutrient. Calcium is vital for strong bone and teeth formation. It also helps to maintain a regular heartbeat and transmission of nerve impulses.

Calcium fumarate is used as an acidity regulator, and to fortify foods and beverages with calcium, as well as to improve the texture in fruits and vegetables. It is used in calcium fortified bakery items, breads, and fruit juice, wine, confectionary, jellies, jams, gelatin, pie fillings, cake mixes, soft drinks, dry mixes, baking powder, baked goods, dairy products, edible oils and fats, meat, poultry, eggs, nuts, and more.

Chemical Formula: CaC4H2O4
CAS Number: 19855-56-2
Molecular Weight: 154.18
Use: Nutrient; Dietary Supplement

Specifications of Calcium Fumarate Anhydrous
Description White granules
Color White
Odor Odorless
Effervesence Negative
Extraneous Material None
Assay Ca (%) 23.0 to 27.0%
Lead 10 ppm maximum
LOD 5.0% maximum

Specification of Cslcium Fumarate Trihydrate
Description White Crystals
pH 6.5  to 7.5
Heavy Metal 10 ppm maximum
Extraneous Material None
Moisture 26% maximum
Calcium content 19.25% minimum

We offer both Calcium Fumarate Trihydrate CAS No.: 28376-12-7 and Calcium Fumarate Anhydrous 19855-56-2.